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By: Edwin Botchway

"Choose Your Battle"
1 Samuel 17: 17-58
What is in this battle for me? Is this the battle to fight, what are the benefits involved, what could I lose from this battle?
God has said the battle is already won.
Every Goliath that is mocking you shall have his head cut off.
Many of us are in a battle. Many of us are in a battle to walk and live right.
While it is true David is not as strong as Goliath and David wasn’t a military general but the oil that Samuel poured on David’s head made him a different man from the time that was done.
When a thought comes to your heart and it brings peace-God is talking to you. God spoke through the peace of David and told him this was his battle.
I pray that God would fix/change your perception so they you are not perceiving from a carnal basis only. David saw a target in Goliath too big to miss, the army of Israel looked at the Philistine army as one that is undefeatable.
Goliath insulted God for 40 days. David didn’t see a giant, he saw a man defying and insulting the sovereign God.
There are insults that are being thrown at our God in various areas of our lives.
Whatever Goliath you face give it 40 days from today and that situation will change.
Do you know what it’s like to be tax free in America or to be given the finest and richest girl on the block without going after it? That’s what happened to David when he listened to God and fought the approved battle of God.
Do not fight every situation that shakes.
The army of Israel was afraid when David looked at Goliath he was provoked. Just because some people are unable it doesn’t mean that you should allow them to talk you out of your God given battle. Only people close to you disrespect you. David said this one is a cause that I must fight. David brought God into the battle. David believed the same God that gave him triumph against the bear and lion would deliver this uncircumcised Philistine into his hand. David degraded Goliath to the position of the bear and lion because He believed in the same God that had delivered those animals into his hands.
This same God brought you to America and if you begin to recount to Him the good He has done for you you will see what He will do for you.
You need to learn to choose your battles. If you win the battle of divine settlement America will be easy for you. Don’t fight every battle.
Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit there is nothing you cannot do, you are a different being, and the spirit of God is fresh upon you.
David slew Goliath because he fought the battle God led him to fight and it wasn’t based on David’s strength it was God who gave him the victory in the battle. 


Authur: Edwin Botchway


We need to realize the power and importance of prayer and intercession. It’s a great key to life.  Prayer is a cry of the heart. It is a reach from the lowest spot to the highest heaven, from the depths of despair to the most sublime height. It is a child calling to their father. It is a lover calling to their love. It is sweet incense, a sweet communion. It is a love feast, a banquet of joy. It is a glory in a quiet place, a crescendo in a loud place. It is a standing firm in faith, a strengthening of the weak. It is cry of despair turned to heavenly hope. It is a repentance and blessed forgiveness. As we go deeper with the Lord, we learn something about praying and intercession that it is best done in a secret place and comes after much prayer and groaning in the spirit.  If agreed that prayer is a powerful weapon than we, as ambassadors of Christ, we need to surround ourselves with strong intercessors or a praying church.

Asking God
Asking God

Authur: Edwin Botchway

If we ask God for something don't be in a hurry cause sometimes we hear or feel him correctly , but we get the timing wrong! On these occasions we need patience like that of abraham who waiting patiently !! So pls wait God will fulfill his promises ..


Authur: Edwin Botchway


Real maturity requires inner growth, and growth take place in layers allowing ourselves to be stretched and change is not a one-time happening or something that is bestowed upon us.  It’s a process my people!  We turn a page with each day. Keep growing and moving forward!

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